DS People; the perfect match.

Are you looking for reliable and competent staff? Then you are at the right place at DS People!

About DS People

DS People is a NBBU member and a NEN 4400-1 and VCU certified temporary employment agency.
DS People stands for the perfect match, the right person in the right place. For that, supplying customized work is extremely important. Our team members are trained and certified. They have experience with broadcasting and can therefore think along with you.

We like to invest in the relationship with the customer. That is why we attach a lot of values ​​to trust and mutual respect. We have an involved working method, because every person is different. We immerse ourselves in the corporate culture in order to find a perfect match. In the process we provide the first selection and we propose the best matches to you.

Is there the perfect match?
Then we ensure that everything is properly coordinated and processed administratively. Of course we do our utmost to tailor everything to the wishes and needs of the customer, the customer can always make changes in between.

Do you want to sponsor your own association?
DS People would like to mean something for community life in the region and thereby also make the connection between relaxation and work. Relaxation is important to be able to perform well with a clear mind and sufficient energy. DS People recognizes this and wants to offer an incentive. That is why we offer you the opportunity to earn a contribution to the club. For more information about sponsoring your own association, please contact DS People.

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Our team

The DS People team consists of enthusiastic, skilled employees. Get to know our colleagues below!